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    A peek in SAX200 / Une vue dans SAX200 / Een beeld uit SAX200

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    Keyed bugle / Bugle à clés / Kleppenbugel

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    Mouthpieces by / Becs de / Mondstukken van François Louis

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    Tenor Colossus

    Selmer reference 36 tenor saxophone. Model / modèle "Sonny Rollins"
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    Duke Ellington Orchestra with Johnny Hodges

    Brussels, Palais des Beaux-Arts / PSK,1938; mim, fonds Robert Pernet Fund

SAX200 was an exhibition in 2014 in the Musical Instruments Museum (mim) in Brussels about Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone, on the occasion of his bicentenary.

SAX200 était une exposition en 2014 au Musée des instruments de musique (mim) à Bruxelles sur Adolphe Sax, père du saxophone, à l'occasion de son bicentenaire.

SAX200 was een toonstelling in 2014 in het Muziekinstrumentenmuseum (mim) in Brussel over Adolphe Sax, vader van de saxofoon, naar aanleiding van zijn 200ste verjaardag.


Musical Instruments Museum
Musée des instruments de musique
Hofberg 2 rue Montagne de la Cour, B-1000 Brussels
+32 2 545 01 30



A few minutes ago, Géry Dumoulin closed the door to the SAX200 exhibition ... for good. This website will be taken offline and archived. Thank you...

For the last few weeks of SAX200, Joe Lovano and maker and inventor François Louis have been so kind to lend the aulochrome in order to be shown...

On Tuesday, September 30th, yet another outfit will be added to the 924 costumes our national peeing hero has already received:...


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