SAX200 Catalogue

The curator of the exhibition, Géry Dumoulin, presents both the catalogue and the exhibition within a fourheading framework that tells the lively story of this  incomparable innovator. It covers all the major aspects of Sax’s life (both professional and private), his inventions and the hazards of his business life, and also touches on a number of less well known results of his fertile creativity, such as the medical appliances that he designed.

With a preface of Éric de Visscher, Director of the Musée de la musique (Cité de la musique, Paris) and of Michel Draguet, Acting Director General of the Royal Museums of Art and History (Brussels).

A book at the size 23 x 29.7 cm.
136 pages illustrated in colors.
Binding sewn with linen thread.
Cover in colors, with brilliant varnish.

Price: 25 €
Éditions du Perron,
ISBN & barcode (= EAN-code) 978-2-87114-252-2
Ce livre existe aussi en français. 978-2-87114-250-8
Dit boek bestaat ook in het Nederlands. 978-2-87114-251-5